Marketing is constantly evolving, and as such it is so important for digital marketers around the world to stay on top of upcoming trends. With the emergence of AI, the increasing importance of automation, and the high levels of innovation from digital marketing teams, it can be easy to feel outdated and overwhelmed.

That’s why we have compiled a list of three digital marketing trends to be aware of as we continue into 2017:


Marketing automation has made it easier than ever for businesses to perfect effective communications in the customer journey. By the touch of a button, organisations can send out marketing campaigns based on data in CRM systems, based on predictive behavioural trends, or just simply based on when a person abandons their basket in an online store. With marketing automation the possibilities are endless.


Content is important to a digital marketing strategy, but so is stepping up your game with key influencer’s writing or delivering your content. It’s now not enough to simply develop an editorial calendar which your marketing teams will create and implement. You must develop an outreach strategy and make the most of key influencers in the online community, in order to breakthrough into the most influential marketing channels out there. With so many options on the market now for each product – people will naturally turn to their community and influencers to evaluate their decisions before purchase.


Data has always been of great importance to marketers, but with the increasing digital influence in everyday life, ‘big data’ has given way to a whole new method of marketing. Once upon a time you could only collect data such as, physical point-of-sale, or a call back from a direct mail campaign. Now, the level of analysis from one single sale is huge (and sometimes overwhelming). We’re talking exact time of sale, time spent on a website, geographical location of purchase, their entire browsing behaviour before purchase – in short, an absolute tonne of information which you probably won’t have a clear idea on what to do with. Insights from big data will have a huge impact on marketing activities moving forward.

Source : rocktailmarketing.com



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